Carpet & Upholstery Protection

Because carpets normally "ugly out" before they actually wear out, we highly recommend vacuuming at least 3 times a week and applying Scotchgard™ protection to extend the life & beauty of your carpet. It will prevent stains and dirt from penetrating its protective shield and won’t leave behind any chemical residue that can be harmful to your pets or children.

You can’t always see the difference immediately but you also can’t see the damage that dirt does to your carpet because it happens deep within the carpet fiber. (see illustration)

Providing protection for your furniture and carpets is like having car insurance. You can’t always tell on a day-to-day basis why you pay the premium, but twenty years from now when you don’t have to replace your car on your own dime, you’ll definitely see the evidence.

Worn Carpet Fibers
Worn Carpet Fibers