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Carpet Cleaning Services

Your carpet acts as one of your homes best filters for maintaining indoor air quality and a healthy living environment. In order to maintain the attractiveness and efficiency of your carpet, it requires a regular vacuuming schedule and a periodic professional cleaning.

80% of the contaminants and soils that are introduced to your carpet fibers are non water soluable such as sand and grit.  These are the agents that cut and wear at the carpet fibers and must be regularly removed with a thorough vacuum cleaning.

Our Green product cleaning service includes a 7-step process:

  1. Pre-inspect
  2. Pre-vacuum to remove sand and dirt
  3. Pre-treat spots and stains
  4. Agitate traffic areas for soil emulsification
  5. Rinse away soils with truck mounted unit
  6. Groom carpet
  7. High powered fan to speed drying

Our programs range from a standard clean with a scrub wand, rotary cleaning with our Rotary Dri-Master tool for optimal drying and, lastly, the RX20 Rotary Scrubber for extra dirty and matted carpets.

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