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Enjoy Fresh, Clean, Beautiful Carpets Again

Is it time to clean your carpets?

  • Your puppy, dog, or cat have made a lot of "oops" stains on the carpet
  • Loved ones will arrive soon for a special event
  • You cringe when your baby or toddler sleeps or eats on the carpet
  • Your carpet has dingy traffic paths to the kitchen, the door, down the hall
  • Your special event is over, your guests are gone, and your house is a mess

When your carpets are clean and beautiful it can instantly lift the feeling and look throughout your home, especially on a gray Seattle day.

  • Brightens and rejuvenates the look of every room in your home
  • High traffic "paths" disappear or are visibly reduced
  • Spots, spills, and marks from pet "oops" often disappear or are less noticeable
  • You relax again when your little ones sleep, eat, and play on the carpet
  • Freshens the air: air pollutants, allergens, pet smells, and cooking odors are eliminated from carpet fibers

Your carpet cleaning professionals at Cole Cleaning Solutions in Seattle, have the best carpet cleaning equipment, years of carpet cleaning experience, and specialized training to ensure your carpets are carefully and thoroughly cleaned.

5-Star Carpet Cleaning Process Using the Best Carpet Cleaning Equipment Available

We admit it! We can't resist investing in the best carpet cleaning equipment on the market. Our equipment thoroughly and gently loosens then removes more dirt and grime than most carpet cleaning equipment. Combined with our 5-star process, grit, grime, and stains don't stand a chance.

  • Starting with a commercial-grade, high-suction vacuum, we vacuum your carpets to remove sand, dirt, and grime.
  • Room-by-room, we liberally pre-treat all spots and stains to remove as much spot and stain residue as possible.
  • We layout plastic to protect your floors, walls, and drapes from possible scuffs from our carpet cleaning hoses.
  • The cleaning begins with a scrub wand which gently and thoroughly massages top-quality cleaning agents in your carpet fibers to loosen and release dirt and grime. If pet hair is an issue, we use a special wand that reaches deep to lift and remove pet hair with amazing results.
  • Next, rotating 360 times per minute, our powerful 360-I Rotary Dry Master cleans and sanitizes your carpets. It sprays clean hot water into your carpet while it sucks out grime-filled water. It moves inch-by-inch over your carpets cleaning every carpet fiber, from top to bottom and on all sides. (Thirty years in the carpet cleaning business and we’re still amazed at the miracles we’ve seen this machine perform!) Our truck heats the water to the perfect temperature to sanitize your carpets and ensure dirt and grime loosen their grip on your carpet fibers.
  • Our powerful 61 horse power truck-mounted extractor works with our 360-I Rotary Dry Master to suck the muddy soup of dirt, grit, pet "oopsies", allergens, pollutants, and cleaning solvents out of your carpets and away from your home. Don’t underestimate to importance powerful suction. Without powerful extraction to remove the soils from your carpet, what's the point of working so hard to loosen it?
  • Groom your carpet to fluff the pile
  • As we finish each room, we place our high-speed fans to hurry the drying process so you and your family can start enjoying your freshly-cleaned carpets. Each fan draws warmer arm from above and distributes it across the room - shortening drying time by 60% or more.

Our deep cleaning process is designed to restore the beauty of your carpets. Because our powerful extractor is so effective at removing dirt, grime, and solvents, your carpets will look better for longer periods between cleanings, too.

Carpet Cleaning Packages to Fit Your Needs

Whether your carpets are lightly soiled with virtually no spots or have heavier soil with many spots and stains to address, we'll create a customized package to suit your needs. Also, we'll ask about your preferences and priorities. Maybe your family with young children is moving into your new home or you are doing a final cleaning before you move out – we'll ask a few questions so we can further tailor your carpet cleaning services to suit your needs.

Spruce Up Your Upholstered Furniture, Car Mats, and Other Areas of Your Home, Too

Spills, pet accidents, and regular daily use will make other areas of your home dingy, too. Your carpet cleaning professional is trained and available to clean them. Your favorite upholstered chairs, car mats, tile, and more can be revived to look almost-new again.

Serving all of Seattle, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Issaquah, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Federal Way, Puyallup, and surrounding areas.

Ready to Enjoy Beautifully Clean Carpets Again?

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