About Us

When you have four boys, you quickly master the art of cleaning things up. In 1993, I turned my cleaning skills into a business and recruited the boys one by one once they were old enough to help. I began my career offering professional janitorial services and have seen and cleaned just about everything in the years that followed.

When you call Cole Cleaning Solutions, we’ll answer your questions and discuss all of your options. If necessary, we’ll schedule a visit to provide a free estimate.

While we can give ballpark estimates over the phone, using our rate calculator, some projects may require an expert eye:

  • We will inspect for damage and flag areas that may require repair or replacement to look their best.
  • We will determine the style of your carpet or the nature of your tile & grout, or furniture and match the best-suited cleaning services and products.
  • We have an 8-step carpet cleaning process – including pre-vacuum, spot clean treatment, deep clean, drying fans and protectant – not all carpets will need every step.
  • We will note hard to reach areas where additional personnel beyond a one or two man crew will be needed.

When cleaning day arrives, your crew will include some combination of me, my sons, and the expert cleaners we have personally trained. Cole Cleaning crews are fully certified on the latest techniques, and licensed, bonded and insured for your utmost protection.